99-year-old woman from Erdington completes fundraising challenge

A ninety-nine-year-old woman from Erdington, Birmingham has completed a fundraising challenge this morning.

Mary Harvey walked a lap of the roundabout called 'The Ring' in Perry Common.

Cheered on by friends and local MP Jack Dromey, she walked for John Taylor Hospice. It's expected she will have helped raise over a thousand pounds for the local charity.

Mary said: "I just love Birmingham. It's a place I wouldn't want to leave to go anywhere else or anything. I wouldn't even go back up north to live."

Among those who attended was, Sir David Thompson, of West Midlands Police.

He added: "It has been a really tough week in the city and it's nice to come and celebrate some of the good things. Mary is obviously someone who has contributed a lot to the community so it's nice to be able to come and recognise her great work."

Mary's one-hundredth birthday is in October and she can be sure there will be plenty of people wanting to celebrate her century landmark with her.

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