Meet the four-month old cockapoo therapy dog credited with saving a student's life

  • Watch the full report by Nancy Cole, Health Correspondent for ITV Central

A therapy dog recruited to help support mental health at Loughborough College has been credited by one student for helping to save her life.

18-year-old Cara says she has spent much of the past year struggling with her mental health.

She says she was unable to explain how she was feeling - until Mylie, Loughborough College's first therapy pet came into her life a few months ago.

"Having her around and knowing I can see her whenever I want and knowing I have some sort of responsibility it did save my life quite a few times, knowing that she's there." 

Mylie was brought in to help offer support for student mental health and wellbeing.

Her owner Danni Donovan is the college's safeguarding lead, who believes there are huge benefits to campus life having a dog around.

As Mylie is only 4 months old, she's being brought in for just short visits as she completes her training.

But the college says she is fast becoming a popular member of the team. 

For 18-year-old Cara, her new four legged friend is helping her put those darker days behind her.

She hopes Mylie will provide a mental boost to others in the months and years to come.

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