Woman sees son for first time in 53 years after forced adoption

Report by Jane Hesketh

A woman who hadn't seen her adopted son for 53 years, says she is overwhelmed that he found her during lockdown.

Sandra Hobson gave birth in Walsgrave hospital in Coventry in 1966.

She was 16 and single, and says she was made to give him up for adoption because of the stigma.

A campaign group called The Movement for Adoption Apology wants the government to say sorry for what happened to women like Sandra.

An all party parliamentary committee has met for the first time to discuss historical forced adoption.

They'll be hearing women's experiences, and also those of adoptees like Tony Gilbert from Royston in Hertfordshire. 

Tony had been searching for his mum since he was a teenager, well before the internet and social media.

But it was a breakthrough on a Facebook site for people looking for relatives that found Sandra and they swapped numbers.

Sandra the moment they both spoke to each other for the first time.

Sandra says it's been "a secret I have carried for years and years, and to be able to tell people, now I'm so proud." 

They'd both like an acknowledgment from the government that historical forced adoption happened, but for now they're just thoroughly enjoying being mother and son.