Swan that survived being shot in Chesterfield Canal attack starts family with new partner

Credit: Twitter / @Swan_Rescue

A swan that survived after being shot in the head last year has now been spotted swimming happily with a new family.

The swan, who is know to locals as Stocky, was cruelly shot at the Chesterfield Canal with an air rifle in May 2020.

His partner, known as Hilary, was also shot but unfortunately died as she incubated their eggs.

Stocky was taken to the Yorkshire Swan & Wildlife Rescue Hospital to recover from his wounds.

Stocky is enjoying life a year later with his new family. Credit: Twitter/@Swan_Rescue

Twelve months later the charity has reported that he not only survived his injuries but he's also met a new mate whilst in their care.

The pair are living together and have successfully hatched three cygnets in the past couple of days.

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