Nightclubs welcome back revellers as restrictions ease for 'Freedom Day'

Nightclubs have thrown open their doors to revellers for the first time since March 2020. 

Broad street in Birmingham was packed with partygoers who were ecstatic to see the reopening of their favourite clubs.

Queues were forming until midnight arrived and almost all coronavirus restrictions in England were eased.

Indoor nightclubs have been shut since March last year, and have remained the only hospitality venues to not reopen at any point during the pandemic.

There were similar scenes across the Midlands including The Buttermarket in Shropshire. Organisers unlocked the dancefloor and welcomed guests in to mark 'Freedom Day'.

The general manage of PRYZM Nottingham was also delighted to throw their "first proper party in 16 months" and added that they've kept safety measures in place such as hand sanitisers and face masks.

Andy Swinnerton, PRYZM Nottingham said: "It was just fantastic just to have people back over the threshold and just to see the excitement over people who've been starved being able to go out to a theatre of this sort of magnitude, it was just fantastic to be part of their experience and people were really sort of humble really that we were back open and trading.”

The changes on 'Freedom Day'

What has happened to social distancing and the rule of six?

The 'one metre plus' rule has been scrapped entirely, as of July 19 in England. However, some guidance to maintain social distancing in certain situations will remain in place of the legal restrictions.

Social distancing guidance will continue if someone is Covid positive and self-isolating, or in airports, or other ports of entry, to avoid travellers arriving from amber or red-list countries mixing with those from green list areas.

Limits on social contact in England have disappeared, meaning the end of the rule of six indoors and the limit of 30 people for outdoor gatherings.

Do I still need to wear a facemask?

There is now no legal requirements to wear face coverings - but guidance still encourages using masks in some settings, including hospitals, healthcare settings and in crowded enclosed public spaces.

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