Pavement parking pandemic: Birmingham residents condemn "thoughtless" behaviour

Andy Bevan reports

Ruth Lane has lived with her osteoporosis for 28 years but now she's having to live with another problem - emptied bins left scattered across the pavements around her home in Cotteridge. 

This morning she took a video from her bedroom window as crews did their rounds, leaving bins blocking the way for anyone with mobility or sight issues, or trying to control a pushchair or buggy.

Down the road in Bournville they're also fed up of blocked pavements - but here it's inconsiderate drivers parking wherever they like, forcing cyclists further out into traffic lanes.

Residents across Birmingham have posted numerous pictures on social media but say getting anything done about it is usually a fruitless task.

West Midlands Police told us: 

Bournville Village Trust looks after the local area

The government is considering extending London's ban on pavement parking to the rest of the country. Those who break the rules could face £70 fines. The Department for Transport has promised an announcement later this year.

Birmingham City Council wouldn't comment on those proposals but about Ruth Lane's issue with bins they told us: