Ex homeless drug addict meets up with Birmingham warden who saved his life

  • Report by Dani Crawshaw

A former homeless drug addict who shoplifted to pay for his addiction says he would have died on the streets of Birmingham, if he hadn't been found by a street warden.

Michael Cobb was signed up to a drug rehabilitation programme, which started in 2018.

So far, it has saved local businesses 2 million pounds and helped 40 people  get their lives back on track. 

  • Michael's story

At the age of 15 Michael Cobb's father died, and to cope he began using drugs.

He was then in and out prison for shoplifting and burglary.

In 2014 he found himself homeless, and desperate.

After living on the streets of Erdington for six years, where he regularly used heroin, he was discovered by a street warden.

John Lynch found him behind some bins one morning and feared the worst.

  • What is the offender to rehab programme?

Michael is now nine months into a 12 month rehabilitation programme which targets those who are stealing to fund their addiction, helping them to get off drugs and away from crime.

He's been receiving support at Livingstone House where he's also been given accommodation. More funding means the scheme can cover the whole of Birmingham - scope to help more people.

The 29 year old now wants to volunteer for the programme - which he says not only saved him - but gave him his life back.

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