Nottingham health chiefs warn as number of unvaccinated people in ICU increases

intensive care covid-19 vaccine
Credit: PA.

Critical care consultants at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH) have issued a stark warning to encourage unvaccinated people to have the jab.

The latest figures (released July 29) show that in NUH there were 122 Covid-19 patients with 21 people in the most serious condition in intensive care.

The latest vaccination figures reveal that around 90% of Covid-19 patients in intensive care at the trust are unvaccinated - with just over half aged under 44.

Of all Covid-19 patients at NUH, over 60 per cent have not been vaccinated, with a further 10 per cent only having had the first dose. 

Health care professionals say some Covid-19 ICU patients are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s and the majority are unvaccinated. Credit: PA.

Thea De Beer, an Adult Intensive Care Consultant, said "It's very difficult for our staff to see otherwise young, healthy people requiring help with their breathing, and in some cases fighting for their life, due to a virus for which we have a safe and effective vaccine."

Thea along with other health care professionals say their message couldn't be more clear - "if you have not yet had the vaccine please do so as soon as you can."

All vaccination sites across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire are offering walk-in appointments for first and second doses. 

Second doses will be available for those who had their first dose 56 days (8 weeks) ago. 

The public can see the latest opening times on the website or alternatively can book an appointment online or by calling 119. 

A number of pharmacies across the region are also offering walk-in appointments, including Boots in the city centre who will be accepting walk-in and booked appointments on 30 July, and from the 5 and 6 August.

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