How making small talk with a stranger could save their life

  • Report by Dani Crawshaw

A man from Coventry, who says a stranger making small talk helped save his life, is supporting a campaign by the Samaritans.

Dom Mottram says he was having suicidal thoughts, but when a woman stopped to talk to him, he changed his mind.

The Small Talk Saves Lives Campaign is highlighting the power of chatting with those who may need help.

Dom experienced the suicidal thoughts in 2008, when he was at university.

He said he felt "very isolated" from the world around him because of the "level of stress" and one thing led to another and it got to the stage where he wanted to take his own life. It was on that day, on his way back to university, when a stranger began talking to him.

Samaritans have relaunched its 'Small Talk Saves Lives campaign' - that Dom is part of.

  • We asked him - what kind of small talk are you making?

Dom said: "So it can be anything about what the weather's like because it might rain at the minute - but I think for me it's mostly is there anywhere where I can find a coffee around here, is there anywhere where I can get lunch?"

He added: "The reality is, that kind of small talk, sometimes has the potential to save someone's life as it did for me, as it does with a lot of people every year with this campaign."

People reaching out, Dom says, and showing they care - can make all the difference.

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