Staff "distraught" after thieves broke into wildlife hospital and stole a 3-month-old badger cub

Workers at an animal wildlife hospital in Leicestershire, say they're distraught after thieves broke in and stole a 3-month-old badger cub.

They used wire cutters to get into the enclosure and tried to steal all 3 cubs, but only got away with one. Staff fear the cub will be used to train dogs for badger baiting.

Today Crimestoppers have launched their Rural Crime Campaign. They want members of the public to report any activities they suspect, like hare coursing, poaching and badger baiting, all of which are illegal in the UK.

Credit: PA

Rachel Campbell, who's a volunteer said: "Is she going to come to harm, have they got awful intentions. Then you worry because you do become so fond of the animals and you care for them deeply.

"They've all not had the greatest start, and that's why they are here, and we want to do our best and release them into the wild, and not knowing what's happened to her, you do fear the worst."

Concerns were equally echoed by Leicestershire Badger Record, Pam Mynott. She said she was "horrified, and very sad indeed".

Meanwhile, Adam Grogan from RSPCA said: "Badgers face a lot of threats from road casualties. 50,000 badgers die on roads each year. Persecution, such as the sort of crimes we see, and bovine TB control is prevalent too."

All the creatures at the hospital will be reintroduced into the wild once they're fit enough. The two remaining badger cubs were released shortly after the break-in.

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