Loughborough's Holly Bradshaw gifted 'bronze cookie' following Olympic triumph

Olympic pole vaulter Holly Bradshaw from Loughborough says she is on cloud nine after winning her bronze medal in Tokyo.

After landing back home, she took a trip to her favourite coffee shop in the town to find that they'd been following her success every step of the way. They presented her with flowers and a homemade bronze medal cookie, in recognition of her achievements.

With a flat white in one hand and her bronze cookie in the other, she spoke about her journey.

Dan Child is the owner of Bom Bom Patisserie in Loughborough. For him, having an olympian drop in for a coffee has become ordinary.

Throughout Holly's career, she has been trolled online for the way she looks. Following her incredible success, she hopes that she can encourage more people to participate in sport, no matter what size or shape.

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