Memorial stone unveiled in Leicester to remember Far East prisoners of World War Two

  • Report by Jane Hesketh

A new memorial stone commemorating those who were taken prisoner in the Far East during the second world war, has been unveiled in Leicester.

The memorial is on Peace Walk near  the Arch of Remembrance in Leicester.

Who are the prisoners of the Far East?

Men and women in the armed forces who fought, died and survived the horrific conflict in the Far East between 1941 and 1945, and in some cases, beyond.

140,000 military personnel were captured by the Japanese.

Not just from Britian, also Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, the Netherlands and India. 

Many were made to work on the railways and roads and the airfields for the Japanese military.

The prisoners of war in the Far East, were finally liberated by the allies. Many had endured  years of extreme deprivation in harsh and inhumane conditions.

  • Pictures by British Pathe

The stone memorial is a result of a campaign by a local charity called Children of Far East Prisoners of War.

They want the sacrifice their forbears made, to be better known and honoured.

They feel they dont get the recognition they deserve.

Shirley Barne's dad was in the army and he was captured in Singapore and worked on the death railway.

He also survived the so called Hell ship , before being liberated.

Shirley says the memories stayed with him for ever

Its hoped that this memorial to those from Leicester Leicestershire and Rutland who suffered in the Far East conflict will be some comfort now to families, and will acknowledge the sacrifice that has been made.

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