Nottinghamshire two-week knife amnesty launched to tackle offensive weapon offenders

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Weapons handed in during Nottinghamshire Police’s amnesty will be destroyed Credit: PA

A two-week knife amnesty trial starts on Monday in Nottinghamshire and allows the safe disposal of knives and other banned weapons without the fear of being punished

Police are warning people not to fall foul of the law by having dangerous weapons in their own homes after the first person in Nottinghamshire was charged under tougher new laws banning possession of certain items - even in private.

To help keep people safe Nottinghamshire Police is holding a two-week amnesty, starting on Monday (16 August 2021) allowing anyone to safely dispose of knives and other banned weapons without the fear of being punished.

As well as being banned in public, it is now an offence to possess certain items such as knuckledusters, throwing stars, zombie knives, butterfly knives and telescopic truncheons - even in private - due to new laws introduced under the Offensive Weapons Act 2019. 

Previously, possession of these weapons was only an offence if they were taken out in public.

Weapons handed in during Nottinghamshire Police’s amnesty will be destroyed.

People can use 12 amnesty bins across the force area without fear of prosecution:

  • Broxtowe

  • Bulwell

  • Byron House

  • Oxclose Lane

  • Radford Road

  • St Ann’s

  • Beeston

  • Kirkby

  • Mansfield

  • Newark

  • Ollerton

  • Worksop.

The initiative comes after a man was arrested by the force’s proactive knife crime team within 24 hours of the inception of new powers under the Offensive Weapons Act.

The amnesty is being supported by Nottinghamshire’s Violence Reduction Unit which is helping to steer young people away from knife crime and violence by working with vulnerable individuals and families to help understand the root causes of violent crime, make a difference to young lives and put them on the road to a safer and more positive future.

Figures for the year to April 2021

Officers will make full use of the updated Offensive Weapons Act legislation during proactive search activity, bolstering the force’s relentless work all year round with partners to combat knife and weapon-related crime and further drive down serious violence.

The force is now working with partners to educate the public and the business community regarding the changes in legislation.