City of Culture: Wolverhampton and Derby in the running to hold the 2025 title

Cheers as Coventry was announced as UK City of Culture, 2021 Credit: PA Images

There were roars of cheers as Coventry was announced as the UK City of Culture, 2021, but could another Midlands city be next to hold the title?

Coventry was awarded the title in December, 2017, after competing against 11 other cities. This year, a record breaking 20 locations across the UK have put their bids in, including Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, and Derby in the East Midlands.

Credit: PA Images

The competition is held every four years, with Derry-Londonderry the first winner in 2013, then Hull in 2017 before Coventry was awarded the title. According to the City Of Culture organisation, previous winners experienced "major boosts in tourism" as a result.

But, it hasn't been plain sailing for the first Midlands city to ever hold the title. The Coronavirus pandemic meant that many events were postponed or cancelled completely. The official start date, for example, was moved to May 2021 - rather than the beginning of the calendar year.

Events arranged to maintain social distancing Credit: PA Images

West Midlands Mayor Andy Street has said that holding the title will benefit not just the City, but the wider West Midlands.

So what are the chances of the title remaining in the Midlands? Officials representing both, Wolverhampton and Derby hope that they're in with a chance, despite being up against a record number of competitors.