Mission: Impossible - Tom Cruise orders two curries while filming in Birmingham

Mission: COMPLETE - Tom Cruise's weekend in Birmingham

Hollywood A-lister and movie star, Tom Cruise, has been spending some time in Birmingham recently, and what better way to embrace the city than by heading for a couple of curries on a Saturday night?

The latest Mission Impossible movie, which is unlikely to be curry-related, comes out next year and parts have reportedly been filmed in Derbyshire.

A quarry near Stoney Middleton in Derbyshire reported to be new 'Mission Impossible' filming location Credit: PA images

Rumour has it, he's been scoping out Birmingham to find potential filming locations for a new movie, too. And, if you're a fan, keep your eyes out on your commute, as he's been shooting scenes in Grand Central Station and around New Street.

Grand Central Station, Birmingham

To visit Birmingham and not have a curry is a Mission Impossible in its own right. The good news is, fellow diners made a good impression according to the restaurant's owner.

And, as for what he's filming in Birmingham - it's anyone's guess...