Birmingham residents in Alum Rock say they've not had their recycling collected for 2 months

  • ITV Central’s Environment Correspondent Charlotte Cross reports

Birmingham's bin service is once again under fire as some homes in the Alum Rock area say they've gone more than two months without their recycling being collected.

Residents say the council hasn't emptied the bins since June - adding the stacks of rubbish being piled up is attracting rats, and leaving litter all over the road as the wind blows rubbish out of the overflowing bins.

  • Javard Khan

Families like the Khans have had to resort to putting recycling in the normal bin, as those collections are being done.

But doing that contributes to a wider problem across the city.

Figures obtained by ITV Central revealed the council has repeatedly missed its recycling targets.

The council says it was on track to beat the target in 2020/21, if it weren't for the pandemic closing recycling centres for several weeks.

Figures for this year aren't yet known.

A Birmingham City Council spokesperson apologised for any inconvenience caused by missed collections.

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