Man who has never driven to Birmingham, and bombarded with CAZ fines, blames "cloned" reg plate

Richard Gibbons from Stafordshire says he's been consistently being handed Clean Air Zone fines - even though he claims he's never driven into Birmingham city centre. He's received almost 30 in the post now. Credit: ITV News Central

A frustrated dad who has never driven into Birmingham has been bombarded with Clean Air Zone fines amid claims his registration plate was "cloned."Richard Gregory-Gibbons, from Staffordshire, says a driver with the exact same car and same licence plate is frequently travelling through city's CAZ zone - leaving him inundated with PCN letters.The 56-year-old said the first few letters he received to his home address were worrying, then several more became "amusing", but now - nearly 30 letters later - it's just "annoying."

The dad-of-three, who runs a cake business with his wife, has to appeal each fine individually via Birmingham City Council's website -which he now has bookmarked for speed.And despite having a West Midlands Police log number to report his number plate had been cloned, the letters are still coming.He's had a total of 27 PCN letters for the CAZ - including six that came in a single day - three for bus lane fines and a warning letter for CAZ."At first it was worrying, then it became amusing, now it's just annoying," says Richard.

Richard says when he contacted the council initially, they thought it was a camera error. After speaking to West Midlands Police, they told me they found a slight difference between the cars. While both are black Passat estate cars, and even the same model, the vehicles have differences to their wheels and grills, he said.Richard says "I have only managed to get through the council three times, the others have been busy or not answered." He continues by saying "it is frustrating, it seems they don't want to do anything about it."

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