'I was the biggest target of the Taliban': Afghan interpreter begins new life in Leicester

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Moneer Noori worked as an interpreter for the US and British military in Afghanistan for 12 years.

When the Taliban began their swift advance of the country, he knew his life was in serious danger, so he made arrangements to leave Kabul.

Earlier this month, Moneer landed in Manchester with his wife, and now they're now staying at a hotel in Leicester.

When asked what would have happened to him had he not flown over to the UK, Moneer said: "I would be dead."

"I've done a lot of high profile mission in Afghanistan, with the special forces of the United States.

"We always went after the high profile Taliban commanders, most of them know me."

Moneer says he is frightened for the safety of his family in Afghanistan who are are forced to move to new location every day.

He also says it's difficult to plan for the future while there's so much uncertainty in his country, but his ambition is work hard and succeed.

Leicester is no stranger to welcoming refugees and will offer a sanctuary to Afghans as they arrive in the UK and on a permanent basis.

It is the only city in the Midlands to be part of a new government resettlement programme where Leicester becomes the first port of call for many before long term homes are found across the country.

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