'We stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the British Army for the last two decades but look at my family'

A former British Army interpreter from Coventry says he has no faith in the British government to rescue his father, who was left behind in Afghanistan by the military airlift last week.

Jamal Barack joined the British Army as an interpreter at the age of 16. He came to the UK in 2015 after he was nearly killed in the line of duty by the Taliban.

Jamal was brought to Britain under the Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy - the same scheme that he says should be helping his father who also worked for the British Army.

Amidst calls for his job over the handling of the evacuation, Dominic Raab has now flown to the region where he says the safe passage of all those who assisted the British war effort is his priority.  

Their relatives can only watch and worry, about their loved ones now living, many in hiding, under a new and hostile regime. 

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