Guinea pig pair dumped in wet cardboard box with no food or water

Pixie and Elphie Credit: RSPCA

Two guinea pigs are "lucky to survive" according to the RSCPA, after being dumped in woodland at Ashgate Plantation in Chesterfield with no food or water.

On Bank Holiday Monday (31st) a member of the public spotted a damp cardboard box whilst out walking. Inside were the two guinea pigs, left without food or water.

The walker alerted the RSPCA, and an Animal rescue officer was sent to the scene using an app that directs users to specific locations called What3Words. The app identifies different locations with three random words, each exclusive to that specific three metres square area.

Credit: RSPCA

Heather Price is the manager of Derby's Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre, and she has fostered the pair. She's named the ginger pig Pixie and the white one Elphine, both thought to be about three years old. They are doing well, but were very hungry and dehydrated on arrival.

Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA believe that the pigs were in the box for around 24 hours, and claim that it is unlikley they would have survived much longer without food or water, and with other predators about.

An investigation is now underway as the RSPCA hope to find someone who may recognise the pets or someone who may have seen something suspicious in the area.

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