Leamington fire aftermath: Can I still eat my home-grown veg?

Almost a week on from the blaze, Public Health England have said that the materials and debris are not thought to be hazardous and can be disposed of in residents' general waste. However, they have issued the following advice, regarding any irritants like soot or ash:

  • Remove small areas of fine debris/soot wearing rubber gloves, wiping the surface with a dry cloth. A damp cloth can then be used to remove any remaining remnants. The waste, including gloves, should then be bagged and binned. Hands should be washed

  • Care should be taken when clearing large and sharp debris. Wear rubber gloves and bag and bin the waste

  • Soot can be safely washed off vehicles and outdoor furniture by using a fine water spray

  • Fruits and vegetables grown in the garden should be washed and peeled before they are consumed

- Public Health England

The fire broke out on Friday (27th) at an industrial estate in Leamington Spa which caused a huge plume of black smoke and prompted evacuations and road closures in the area. The clean-up operation is still ongoing. Flowers have been placed at the scene, believed to be for the missing man who has not yet been identified.

Describing the blaze as staggering, Leamington and Warwick MP Matt Western has thanked residents for adhering to the advice, as well as emergency services for their professionalism and bravery.