Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust admit liability for woman's injuries

Daneil Hay, Royal Derby Hospital

The Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust has admitted liability for injuries a woman suffered during a hysterectomy operation; performed by a gynaecologist who’s currently under investigation.

The mum-of-three’s injuries included a cut bowel, damage to her bladder and uterus, and losing over 2 litres of blood. In this case, the hysterectomy that the women underwent should’ve been a ‘last resort’ according to the NHS, only to be considered when all other treatments have failed.

An incident investigation report found there was no evidence that alternative treatments were discussed with the woman.

The operation was performed by Dr Daniel Hay - the gynaecologist under investigation for potentially harming hundreds of women. An interim report into Hay, found that there was a lack of paperwork and evidence of alternative treatment being sought before surgeries.

Royal Derby Hospital Credit: PA Images

The report looks at the cases of 383 women under his care and the full extent of harm will not be known until all the women have had the opportunity to speak with the consultant gynaecologist, and the full report published in 2022.

Hay hasn't worked for the Trust since July 2018 when he went on sick leave and has since retired. His ability to return to medicine has been restricted by the General Medical Council.

In a statement issued through a representative in May 2021, Mr Hay told ITV News Central “I apologise to the women affected by the NHS investigation. I am co-operating with the investigation, however, due to my ongoing mental health issues, I ask that you please respect my privacy at this time.”

Millie Bolsover is the medical negligence expert representing the woman in this case, working with the Trust to provide women with answers.

The victim in this case is still struggling to come to terms with what she went through.