Leicester swim teacher says that children missing out on swim lessons is "really scary"

Credit: PA Images

Swim instructors from Leicester and Solihull say that they are concerned, as thousands of children could be missing out on swim lessons after lockdown.

Learning to swim is often seen as a rite of passage, and valued as a life-skill, but thousands of children could be missing out because they simply can't get lessons.  

The unprecedented demand for swim lessons comes as there's a national shortage of swimming teachers, combined with pool closures. Some have permanently closed after lockdown whilst others are just yet to reopen.

Swim teachers from across the Midlands have said that there is a huge cause for concern, as the inability to swim makes children vulnerable around water.

  • George Cook, George's Swim Academy Solihull

Swim England says that the shortfall in teachers means that the demand for lessons will simply not be met.

They also say that a shortage of instructors was an issue before the pandemic, but added that the huge shortfall now is a direct result of lockdown. It's suggested that many teachers left the profession during lockdown to seek employment in other areas after pools were closed. They're now asking former instructors to return to the profession, and encouraging others to join.

In April this year, the World Health Organisation found that drowning was the "3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide". For this reason, the ability to swim is considered a life-saving-skill.

  • Joe Warren, Waterfield Leisure Centre, Melton Moberry