Bulldog who swallowed rubber duck saved by vets in Derby after they play 'hook a duck’

  • Pictures from My Family Vets

A British bulldog who swallowed a rubber duck whole has been saved by vets in Derby after they played 'hook a duck.'

The vets, from Pride Veterinary Centre, used methods similar to the fairground gameto save one-year-old pet Ronnie.

Credit: My Family Vets

38-year-old owner, Joe Fisher, who’s from Nottingham, said Ronnie “shot past” him into his young daughter’s bedroom one morning, picked up the rubber duck, and ran back down with it in his mouth.

Joe said: "I never for a minute thought he'd swallow it. It was so big I couldn't believe what he'd done.” 

But Ronnie remained defiant, Joe added: “We were obviously really concerned that it might block his airway or something, but he didn't appear to be bothered at all."

Joe took Ronnie to the vets, where he was sedated so an X-ray could be performed.

Ronnie's X-ray Credit: My Family Vets

Joe was able to collect Ronnie from surgery later that afternoon - he says Ronnie is now back to his old self, adding he plans to frame the X-rays and keep the duck as a reminder of Ronnie’s unusual morning meal.

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