False Widow sightings: School reopens after shutting because of venomous spiders in Northampton

BPM Media / PA Images Credit: The garden in Northampton has been overrun by False Widow spiders

A school has been forced to shut and a garden has been taken over by venomous spiders in Northampton.

Malcolm Arnold Academy, which closed three years ago because of another venomous spider sighting, had to send its students home again on Friday (September 17th) as a precaution after a False Widow was spotted on site.

It's due to reopen its doors today (21st September) after calling in pest control.

Speaking on Friday, a spokesperson for the school said: "We have been in close contact with parents today to let them know that a small number of false widow spiders have been found in school."

Is it 'spider season'?

Do spiders come out more during certain times of the year?

September is typically a favourite month for spiders.

Why now?

The warm, generally damp weather, creates the perfect environment for spiders to mate and so it is often referred to as 'spider season'.

When will it end?

The season is due to continue until the end of October, which is usually when spiders generally hide away for the winter.

Meanwhile, footage has been released showing a garden in the Abington area of the town covered by webs.

The homeowner reports more than 15 False Widows could be counted in the garden on Saturday morning, after it was taken over during the middle of the night.

The resident woke to see webs covering much of the foliage in the garden, with a number of species of spiders seen across many of the trees.

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