Police searching Nottingham garden as part of undisclosed 'historical' investigation

A garden in Nottingham is being dug up and searched by police as part of an undisclosed investigation.

The garden is at the back of a property located in the Greencroft area of Clifton, in south Nottingham. 

There are a number of officers at the scene including forensics teams, and paving slabs have been removed from the house.

ITV News Central understands the search began two days ago following a tip-off, although it's not yet known what that information was.

ITV News has spoken to neighbours and the homeowner - who are not linked to the investigation - who confirmed they had received letters from police saying there would be "activity related to an historical investigation."

In a statement, Detective Inspector Ruby Burrow, from Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Officers are currently searching a property in Greencroft, Clifton, as part of an ongoing investigation."

"The activity relates to intelligence the force has received. I want to reassure people there is no wider risk to the public."

Nottinghamshire Police added: "The current householder is not linked to this investigation."