Birmingham City footballer Troy Deeney speaks openly about racist abuse he receives online

Troy Deeney speaks to players as he listens to a talk by the country's first and only dedicated Football Hate Crime Officer. Credit: PA

Birmingham City footballer Troy Deeney has spoken out about the racist abuse he has received on social media.

The striker told ITV News Central he often reports up to 50 messages a week, which insult him about his race and the colour of his skin.

Speaking alongside the only police officer in the country appointed to tackle racism in football, Deeney opened up to aspiring young players about the issues he has faced on the pitch.

The Under-23s were taught how to report racist abuse as part of their coaching.

The lifelong Blues fan said he has now become "accustomed" to the racism, having been sent so much, so often.

'If someone misses a penalty now or gets sent off that's a black player, we all know it's coming, we all do,' Birmingham City striker, Troy Deeney, tells ITV News

Deeney said: "I don't think it is bad face-to-face as it was maybe in the 70s or 80s but it certainly is 10 times worse in my opinion with the stream of continuous abuse."

Just this weekend, two Birmingham City supporters were arrested over allegations of racist abuse towards a Peterborough defender.

Deeney added that social media has only worsened the problem, with people now being able to send abusive messages almost instantaneously.

He said he has never had anyone say something racist to his face, but thinks social media has provided a platform for those looking to send hate-filled messages.

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