LadBaby nominated for Pride of Britain award after raising more than £200k for food banks

The ITV Central Pride of Britain Regional Fundraising Award is given to an individual from the East Midlands, who has gone above and beyond for others, and raised money for charity.

YouTuber LadBaby, also known as Mark Hoyle, from Nottingham has been nominated for a Pride of Britain Award for raising thousands of pounds for local food banks.

Mr Hoyle recorded Christmas songs that hit the number one spot three times on the trot - a record equalled only by the Beatles and the Spice Girls.

His charity singles meant that he raised more than £200,000 in the last three years for the Trussell Trust Food Banks.

He told ITV News Central: "It started as a joke and snowballed from there."

"I have a love for sausage rolls and we thought if we can release a novelty song and have a bit of fun why don't we try and raise money for something close to our hearts which we felt we could help," he added.

LadBaby's We Built This City ...on Sausage Rolls Christmas Number One single

But behind the sausage roll themed spoof hits, is a strong message about food poverty.

He said: "Not many people know where their local food bank is but everyone knows where their local McDonalds is."

Hoyle said: "In this country there are more food banks than McDonalds." 

"That is crazy that it's happening in this country so it was about making sure people knew where to go and donate to a food bank and also if they needed to use one they knew where to go," he added.

Marks wife Roxanne nominated him for the regional fundraiser award because they have struggled themselves in the past.

She told ITV News Central: "I was doing my shopping and a guy had to lend me 70p to get my shopping, I know what it's like to live on a budget there is nothing worse than feeling like you can't feed your kids, or having to put back nappies or wet wipes, when really that shouldn't be happening in the UK."

Mark's songs and videos continue to raise money every time they are played or downloaded, but the pair continue to be praised for raising the profile of food banks in general.

Food bank manager Helen Lloyd said: "One man came to us in his van, a local businessman, he said he hadn't thought about giving to a food bank until he saw that video he arrived with a van full."

"If it wasn't for mark and the video he wouldn't have even thought about giving so that is the impact they have."

All of the profits from the songs downloads goes to the Trussell Trust. As we edge towards the end of 2021, Mark has not ruled out the possibility of another festive sausage roll song.

All this week on ITV Central, we'll be sharing the stories of our four shortlisted nominees.

The winner will be revealed on our programme at 6pm on Friday.

They'll be invited to attend the glitzy Pride of Britain ceremony in London.

What is the Pride of Britain?

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