Wolverhampton Councillor says she has to carry rape alarm due to abuse she suffers for being a woman

A Wolverhampton Councillor has spoken out about the abuse she's received for being a woman. Beverley Momenabadi says it's frustrating and at times scary.

The 30 year old, who won a National Young Councillor of the Year award, and who also works in the aerospace industry, is calling for a change in the law to help protect women. 

It's as a debate is underway around women's safety in the wake of the Sarah Everard case sentencing.

Councillor Momenabaday says receiving sexual insults on social media is common place.

It's also happened when the councillor was out meeting residents in her local area.

The Councillor says she has to carry a rape alarm to feel safe, with instances common place

"As I was walking down the street there was a man who pulled up next to me and was shouting things out of the car, quite sexual things to me - for me that's quite common - it's quite scary and frustrating - but it's something that happens so regularly that I expect it"

She hopes by speaking out about her experiences - it'll encourage action to be taken and it calling on there to be tougher sentences for sexual crimes against women.

The MP for Birmingham Yardley - who's also the Shadow Minister responsible for Women & Safeguarding says the West Midlands should be a leader in tackling violence against women

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