Footage shows masked gang breaking into family home with screwdrivers and driving off with Audi

Masked gang break into family home with screwdrivers looking for Audi keys

Footage shows a gang of masked thieves clutching screwdrivers creeping around a lounge looking for the keys to an Audi RS6 as a family sleeps upstairs. The men, all wearing balaclavas, creep silently around children's toys and as they search for car keys in the raid, which happened in Olton at 4am on Monday, October 4.A couple and their children, aged four and 11 months, are fast asleep upstairs unaware of the dangerous intruders lurking in their home.They locate keys to two cars before quickly shuffling out and driving away with the 2016 Audi worth £50,000, which the family only bought at the end of August.The car was tracked down hours later by police and was being forensically examined.

Doorcam footage shows the masked gang just before driving away with the Audi. Credit: BPM

The father, 34, said he discovered the theft when he went downstairs to prepare his daughter's milk and noticed some doors open.After checking the cameras, he said the sight of the men in his home had left them petrified and wondering what could have happened.He said: "I thought: 'Thank God they did not come upstairs'. It's so scary and shocking to see."We are both in a state of shock and are still processing it."It's horrible - it makes you wonder what could have happened if they had come upstairs."The father said: "I came downstairs to get some milk for my daughter at about 6.20am and noticed the blinds to the rear French doors doors had been pulled back, I specifically remember closing them the night before."When I looked closely, both doors were open. I did a quick check around the house to check if anything was missing."

Three people were seen on doorcam footage driving away with the Audi. Credit: BPM

It was when he called his wife that the couple noticed one of their cars was missing from the driveway.They informed the police who, with the help of a tracking company, found it in Moseley.West Midlands Police said: "We traced a stolen car after it had been abandoned in Harrisons Pleck, Moseley, following a burglary earlier the same morning, October 4."The vehicle was seized for forensic examination and we're carrying out further enquiries."It was the latest in a series of incidences where weapon-wielding intruders have entered homes and, in some cases, physically attacked occupants for Audis.