Pensioner jailed for 26 years for 1960s sex abuse at Skegby Hall boarding school

Nigel Pipe Credit: BPM Media

A pensioner who subjected boys to horrific sexual abuse will die in jail after he was sentenced to 26 years.

Nigel Pipe, who was a former relief housemaster at Skegby Hall in Sutton-in-Ashfield, heard victim impact statements at Nottingham Crown Court before he was sent to jail.

The victims, who are now approaching old age themselves, were tearful as they read out their statements. Skegby Hall was owned and operated by Nottinghamshire County Council and was an approved school from 1946.

Skegby Hall

An approved school in the past was a boarding school in which the courts would send boys, if they have been convicted of a crime, or were out of parental control.

It was closed in the early 1990s and sold to a private buyer.

Pipe, now 87, was convicted of 27 charges after a trial that involved five boys.

The charges covered male rape, indecent assault, and acts of indecency with boys who were aged between 10 and 15 years.The victims were sent to the school either after getting in trouble with the local authority or were deemed, for whatever reason, beyond parental control.Instead of providing them with a safe haven, Pipe abused them.

Judge Julie Warburton, who sentenced him, said they were isolated, they were afraid of challenging any of the staff there as the consequences could be very harsh, and there was strict discipline.

Nottingham Crown Court Credit: PA Images

Pipe received 12 years for count 3, which was a sex act, now known as male rape, on one boy.

He received 14 years for a similar sexual offence involving a different boy.

The sentences were consecutive, bringing the total to 26 years, of which he would technically serve half before he would be considered for release.The remaining charges were all met with concurrent and shorter concurrent sentences.

A list of support services for victims of rape and sexual assault can be found here.