A mum-of-four from West Bromwich has ‘given up’ 8 cats after facing £1.5k fine from housing provider

Credit: BPM Media

A mum from West Bromwich who faced a £1,500 fine for owning 'too many' cats has 'given up' eight of them following a row with her housing provider. 

Lindsay Simcox, 43, has given two of her cats to her parents, four to friends, and stopped feeding two strays at her home.

Her decision comes after a row with her housing provider Midland Heart, which told her she must rehome or get rid of her 11 cats after she breached a cap on pet numbers.

Credit: BPM Media

The mum-of-four says she did not want to give away the cats as they were "best friends" to her children - but she says the situation is now "all closed.”

Lindsay added: "I've only got three cats now.

"I mean the kids were upset but at least the three that we kept were at least our original three.

"The housing was happy for them to keep them three, called Lucky, Garfield and Dotty."

Speaking about those that no longer live with her, she said: "If there is a chance we can have them back, I would, because they are part of our family and the kids have grown an attachment.”

Credit: BPM Media

Mrs Simcox, who has lived in her home for seven years, claims she was busted for having 11 cats after a fallout with a friend.

Midland Heart, which provide affordable homes, said it launched an investigation after 'receiving complaints from other customers'.

Mrs Simcox, who also owns four dogs, admitted breaching a cap of pet numbers which was in her tenancy agreement.

But Midland Heart denied her claims that she was 'threatened with eviction' if she got rid of them.

Mrs Simcox added: "At the end of the day, I have either got to give or take with them (the housing provider) or I'd lose the house.

"I can't afford to lose the house because the house is...for the kids."

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