Gracie Spinks: Family and friends attend candlelit vigil to remember 23-year-old from Chesterfield

A candlelit vigil has taken place for Gracie Spinks, who died after being stabbed near Chesterfield. 

Gracie's family and friends gathered last night (Tuesday 19th) at Saint Bartholomews Church in Old Whittington.

Gracie's body was found in a field in Duckmanton in June where she kept her horse. 

Over a hundred people gathered in a churchyard on a hill overlooking the town to pay their respects. Candles were lit, prayers were said, songs were sung and speeches were made by Miss Spinks' graveside which was covered in flowers, cards, good wishes and balloons.

The 23-year old passed away in a field in Duckmanton four months ago after being attacked and stabbed in the neck

Reverend Jo Morris, the Rector of St Bartholomew's, led the vigil: "Tonight was about celebrating Gracie's life and remembering that really she should be a 24-year old out partying on her birthday tonight."Those in attendance, which included members of Miss Spinks' family and friends and Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins, who had come up from London to attend as well, heard from Jackie Barnett-Wheatcroft, who's started up an online petition campaigning for a change in the law and the introduction of "Gracie's Law" in a bid to combat stalkers and those who want to harm women.

She spoke passionately about the need for a change in the rules and that action was needed to try and stop women, just like Miss Spinks, from being attacked and killed at the hands of those who wish them harm.