Inside Range Rover's top secret design facility as 'most luxurious' car yet revealed for 2022

I'm walking down a corridor escorted by Jaguar Land Rover executives.

We pass security guards - smiling and polite (though you'd never cross them) who, with their electronic passes, swipe us into a cavernous room.

This is the top secret design centre at Jaguar Land Rover's engineering plant at Gaydon in Warwickshire and I'm being shown the new Range Rover.

I'm the only TV journalist who's been invited to do so.

I've been asked to put my mobile phone in a security bag - a strip across the top masks the phone's camera lens to prevent any pictures being taken and any images of the car escaping into the outside world.

A look inside the new Range Rover

In the centre of the room there are three cars, gleaming, shiny, expensive and for the company, filled with promise - for Jaguar Land Rover.

Let me share some numbers with you:

  • 60,000 - the number of Range Rovers sold in a year

  • £125,000 - the average cost of a Range Rover

  • £7billion - the amount of money sales of the Range Rover model generates in any given year

A lot is riding on this car. It's the flagship of the company, it's the biggest cash cow which brings in the most revenue.

Jaguar Land Rover test out each Range Rover before it is manufactured Credit: ITV News Central

It supports tens of thousands of jobs not just at Solihull where it's made, but also at Wolverhampton where some of the engines will be made, and in the supply chain - the men and women around the Midlands and the UK who make the parts for these cars.

In any other time this might be seen as a purple patch for JLR - 125,000 customers around the world have placed orders for their cars (not just the Range Rover).

But the world-wide shortage of semi-conductors - the computer chips which make their cars work - is hampering production.

The firm is talking to suppliers in Korea to convince them to supply JLR first - but every car maker will be in that race.

JLR executives have said the situation is improving and supplies are trickling through, but that trickle needs to become a torrent pretty soon.

Back in the design studio Massimo Frascella, Jaguar Land Rover's design director tells me he wants the firm to create the world's most desirable luxury vehicles.

A bold statement and a moniker normally reserved for Rolls Royce, one might think.

But there are customers out there - China, America, Russia, here with £125,000 burning a hole in their pockets who might want to taste that luxury which JLR is promising.