Alpaca wedding? Meet the wooly animals who can walk you down the aisle

If you plan to get hitched outside, you may want some furry friends to come along

What's the strangest thing you've ever seen at a wedding? A drunk uncle maybe, or a tone-deaf wedding band?

The National Wedding Show has arrived in the Midlands this weekend and ITV Central has been hearing about the different ways of making your special day, extra special.

There are numerous novel trends, from bespoke gin trucks, to magicians mingling as guests.

Charnwood Forest Alpacas, in Leicester, provide animals with their handlers for couples and their guests to enjoy.

Events manager Charlotte Craddock said: "They're amazing animals, so soft and gentle, and great to be around.  People love them at their weddings because they are great entertainment."

She said: "Normally it's a surprise, the groom will organise for the bride or vice versa. 

"After the ceremony, the guests will leave and be greeted by alpacas, who wouldn't want that."

It's one of the latest trends in a wedding industry which was badly hit during lockdown.

Alpacas are particularly suited to the role because of their temperaments and are popular at outdoor weddings.

Farm manager Harrie O Keefe said: "They're pretty easy they just get on with it, they tend to just spot a person, spot food and go." 

"Do they still act cheeky? Yes, do they still push the limits? Yes, they definitely know they have left the farm".

Some like to show off a little more than others, and Night-Owl and Karma definitely get top billing.

Ms O Keefe said: "These two are super chilled out, we have 75 boys who do our experiences, out of all of them these are the ones we put our trust into, they can walk with anyone, they often cause giggles because they do like to talk".

In Asia and India elephants have long been used at weddings, and doves are popular in China and Greece. 

Now alpacas are taking centre stage in Charnwood.