Halloween is one of year's biggest 'nights-out' but has threat of being spiked changed your plans?

Credit: PA

Halloween weekend is usually one of the most popular nights out of the year, and with restrictions in place in 2020 this is the first chance in two years to go out-out in costume.

But with reports of spiking, in drinks and even via injection, on the rise, has this changed your plans this weekend?

In Birmingham, the Nightingale club is introducing testing kits so people can check their drink is safe.

The club says the kits test for GHB and Ketamine, which are often used in spiking.

Police in the West Midlands have also introduced colour-changing wrist bands, designed to alert the wearer if there is a substance in their drink that shouldn't be there.

Jamie Richards, Development and Funding Officer for a Midlands Women's Aid charity, told ITV Central "wristbands sound like a good idea if women and girls will put them on."

She added: "However, again all of these measures putting in place - it's all about the victim making herself safe, when actually we should be making perpetrators responsible.

"Not putting the onus on victims. We need to stop men from doing these things."

Elsewhere, in Leicester, MOSH Nightclub is introducing welfare officers on the doors.

They say "please come and see us if you are feeling vulnerable or need any assistance whilst in MOSH. Our job is to make you feel safe and listen to any concerns you may have".

In Nottinghamshire, police have confirmed that their increased police presence, introduced as a result of the injection spiking allegations, will remain over the coming weeks and months.