Inside the 278ft wind turbine generating more energy than fossil fuels

ITV News Central has been given exclusive access to Swinford Windfarm, close to the M1 on the Leicestershire-Warwickshire border

A top priority for reducing carbon emissions is to switch from fossil fuels like oil and coal to renewable forms of energy like windpower.

Wind power is fundamental to switching to a clean energy economy. Last year, for the first time, the UK generated more electricity from renewable sources like wind than it did from fossil fuels.

If the world is to tackle the climate crisis head-on, a major battleground will be the way we source our energy.

One of a swathe of farms spreading out across the Leicestershire and Warwickshire border is the Swinford Wind Farm.

Its 11 turbines, which need regular maintenance, were built in 2011 and it's operated by the Swedish firm Vattenfall.

Experts have said the technology is there for renewables to power the whole world by 2050 - it just needs those gathered at COP26 to show the political will.

Studies have found global warming is likely to cut wind speeds in the Northern hemisphere.

Wind farms sometimes alienate those living near them.

However, the company behind this site has gone on a charm offensive. It hands out more than £40,000 a year to the local community to help reduce its own carbon footprint.