Tired of seeing the same old pothole reappear? A local council has a new solution...

Potholes are caused when moisture gets into the cracks in the road which expands when it freezes Credit: PA

Potholes. They are a nightmare for motorists and can be very costly and dangerous. And for those drivers who use the same daily route for the commute to work or the school run, you will probably know exactly where they are.

Many of them get filled in, but then you notice some re-appear a few months later. So what's the solution?

Now a local authority plans to move towards replacing roads permanently, rather than filling in potholes.

It's all part of Nottinghamshire County Council's plans to improve how it fixes miles of its roads across the county.

Nearly half a million repairs have been carried out in the area in the past five years - that's around 260 every day!

The authorities' highways panel will report back on ways to improve potholes and road repairs next week. One of the biggest criticisms of the council's pothole repairs at the moment is that the same location can end up being repaired several times.

Potholes will still be filled in to protect the safety of road users but other forms of repair have been recommended, like replacing whole stretches of roads where possible.

Potholes get bigger as vehicles drive over them damaging the structure of the road below its surface layer. Credit: PA

Councillor Neil Clarke, transport and environment committee chairman, said: "We want to move to a right repair on the first time around, so we will be looking at long-term, permanent repairs as much as possible rather than short-term, quick fixes of just filling [potholes] in.

"We won't be able to eliminate that entirely, but we want to get to a point where members of the public can see their roads are being properly repaired.

"It's the unclassified roads, the side roads, that generally cause comment, and we want to emphasise far more on these."

The plan is due to be reviewed by the Transport and Environment Committee on November 17.

If approved it's likely to be very welcomed news by many motorists.