Meet the man who was given two weeks to live, 14 years ago, who's now become a father

A man from Solihull who was given just two weeks to live - more than 14 years ago - has become a father for the first time.

Jonathan Jones had immediate life-saving surgery after doctors found a brain tumour and since then, he's been through 170 rounds of chemotherapy.

Mr Jones has always wanted to be a dad - he just didn't know how possible it would be.

When he was 17, Jonathan was on holiday with friends when he started to feel unwell.

Mr Jones said: "Drinking quite a bit, as you do when you're young lads. I started sleeping for an hour or two, and started drinking again and I thought it was weird that the headaches were gone. I just carried on."

"I started to get headaches, thought nothing of it."

He said when he went to the doctors he was told he had a hangover and was advised not to drink so much.

Mr Jones then went to the hospital in Warwick, where doctors found an aggressive brain tumour the size of an orange. They gave him just two weeks to live, if it wasn't operated on immediately.

He had brain surgery the next day.

Mr Jones said: "The size of the tumour that came out of my head created a lot of space, so my balance was always off, I had to learn to walk again, not properly, but I had no balance when I was walking.

"It was really hard at the start, I had all of my family around me and in some ways, that's how I got through it."

"I've been on chemotherapy for 14 years," Jonathan Jones tells ITV Central

Now, that family has a new member, six-month-old JJ.

Mr Jones said he froze his sperm before starting chemotherapy, as it can affect fertility. 

He said: "I wanted a child for a long time, hasn't happened, and I've met Danielle now. We tried for seven months and nothing happened.

"We went to look and see if the sperm was still fine and we went down the IVF route."

"We were in the Stratford Maybird centre and Danielle was feeling really ill. I was thinking she can't be that bad she just wants a bit of food. I got her a bit of food and she felt really sick.

"She said, 'I might be pregnant We went into boots and got the pregnancy test and that was it, she was pregnant'."