Well wishers from across the globe pay for world famous cat's hospital bill

Many of Robert's 36,000 twitter followers sprung into action after hearing he'd been unwell. Credit: Betty Farrugia

Hundreds of people from around the world have come together to pay for the medical bill of Birmingham's most famous cat.

Robert the allotment cat, who spearheaded a campaign to save Walsall Road allotments in 2019 - was taken to the vet last week with two ulcers in his eye.

He had an operation - a corneal graft - and is now recovering in Kate Millington's spare room - one of the plot holders at the allotments where he usually lives.

His close friend Betty Farruggia who takes most of the pictures for his Twitter feed said the support Robert has received has been 'incredible'.

Robert isn't too impressed with the cone he has to wear to protect his eye Credit: Kate Millington

"He has had messages from all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Japan and the EU. I really hate to ask for money but people started to send it by Paypal before I even set up the appeal.

"I never imagined a cat, even a special cat like Robert, would have this effect on people who have never met him."

Robert is recuperating at a plot holder's house until his eye is completely better Credit: Kate Millington

Robert will stay at Kate's until he has finished all his medication and is fully recovered.

He was treated at Willows Vets in Shirley, Solihull where he had to stay overnight and will return for regular check ups.

The target of £10,000 for his treatment has now been met but supporters continue to send him get well wishes and financial help.

Any extra raised will go towards the vet fund for the many other cats that live at the allotments.

Trish White from Baltimore, USA said: "Very much enjoy following the activities of all of you at the allotments. I hope you are back home and feeling yourself again soon. Best wishes from my two here in Baltimore, MD…we’ve taken a bit from the treat jar to help."

While Alessandra from Italy added: "Hang in there Robert, help is on its way straight from Italy!"

And Margeritha Bangerter from Switzerland posted: "I wish you a speedy recovery dear Robert."