Woman in hospital after hoverboard battery explosion causes house fire

Home security video captured the moment a lithium ion battery spewed its contents setting the room alight

A 54-year-old woman is in hospital in an induced coma after a hoverboard battery exploded at a house in Smethwick.  

Jacqueline Barrett, who has Multiple Sclerosis and heart problems, remains in hospital and is in an induced coma after being rescued from the property.

The fire was just a foot away from the bedroom of Ms Barrett who is bed-bound and was rescued from the property.

At the time of the blaze she was in her downstairs bedroom, next to the lounge, when the lithium ion battery spewed its contents out.

Now one of her sons, who is also her carer, is warning people to take extra care when charging any electrical devices.

The fire broke out in the living room just a foot away from Jaqueline Barrett Credit: ITV Central

Shane Johnson, who is 34-years-old, said: "It's awful. My mum's really ill in hospital. The fire and smoke damage to the house is just unbelievable.

"Mum called me moments after it happened, to say there'd been some sort of explosion. The first thing I did was call the fire service, then got in the car to get to her as quickly as possible.

"I called my dad and some friends. Some got there before me, and dad had tried to kick the door in to get to mum, but the heat from the fire was just too much.

"If anyone needs a warning about leaving things unattended when they're charging, or plugged in when they're fully charged, this is it. It could happen to anyone."

West Midlands Fire Service is urging people not to leave electrical items unattended and has issued a stark warning.