Ryan Passey: Family of man killed in Stourbridge nightclub win damages in 'landmark' case

The family of a 24-year-old killed in a nightclub in Stourbridge in 2017 have won a civil case against the person who stabbed him.

Ryan Passey died from a single fatal stab wound to the heart during a night out at Chicago's nightclub in the Black Country, West Midlands.

His family have been pursuing legal action against Kobe Murray, who was cleared of murder and manslaughter, claiming he unlawfully killed him.

A judge has now ruled Murray must pay damages totalling nearly £10,000 after the family took action through the civil courts.

Mr Murray admitted stabbing him but said he did so in self-defence, an argument which was accepted by jurors who found him not guilty the following year.

Ryan Passey, 24, suffered a wound to the chest and died in hospital after he was attacked in Chicago's in Stourbridge on Sunday morning. Credit: BPM / Family handout

The Passey family, from Quarry Bank, were left devastated by the verdict and vowed to continue campaigning.

Mum and dad Gill Taylor and Ade Passey broke down when the judgement was given at Liverpool County Court on Thursday.

Mr Murray, 23, from Dudley, did not attend the hearing and no representation was made on his behalf, meaning a default judgement was made by the court.

The family claimed damages from Mr Murray for "wrongfully and unlawfully causing Ryan's death", court documents reportedly showed.

His Honour Judge Gregory ordered him to pay £5,865 in special damages and £1,750 in general damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

He must also pay £1,750 in aggravated damages - an unusual step - and cover £12,282 of the family's court costs.

Ryan Passey was fatally stabbed at Chicago's nightclub in Stourbridge Credit: BPM Media

Dad Ade Passey said: "It's another step to where we want to get to for Ryan. This journey we are on, we have kept fighting and fighting. It's massive.

"When we heard the news we were so overwhelmed. We just broke down.

"We were never going to give up. This is a massive statement."

Fighting back tears after the hearing, Mrs Taylor said: "The judge was so understanding. To finally get a judge saying Ryan was killed unlawfully - that's the main thing.

"Finally getting something - it has been such a struggle."

Friend and spokesman Jason Connon said the family added: "We wouldn't have cared if we had been awarded a penny. It was never about that.

"It's a landmark decision, it really is. We have finally got this verdict from the judge we have been fighting so long for."

It comes after it was recently announced West Midlands Police's investigation into the Mr Passey's death is to be reviewed by another force.

The keen footballer was out with friends when trouble flared between two groups in the club.

Around £50,000 in legal fees have been met thanks to donations to the 'Justice for Ryan' campaign, while the family have also hired a private investigator.

Ade Passey said it had been a difficult journey to get to this point but days like this made their efforts worth it.

He said: "Sometimes it can be like 'what are we doing this for?'. It has been a long process to get to where we are."