Daughter of 90-year-old fears 'we will lose her' if plans to close Derbyshire care home go ahead

ITV News Central Reporter Lewis Warner reports on the care homes that are under threat in Derbyshire

The daughter of a care home resident has told ITV Central she fears she could lose her mother, if plans to close her home go ahead.

Janet Burns, whose 90-year-old mum has been living at Ladycross Care Home in Sandiacre in Derbyshire for four years, said she is scared of what might happen to her mum if she is moved.

She told ITV Central: "I felt guilty of putting her in a home, she won't know where she is. "

"I think we'll lose her if they move her, which is sad."

She added: "It would be horrendous, I'd be starting all over again" with my mum.

'It would be horrendous, I'd be starting all over again', if they move my mum out of the care home, Janet says

Her comments come as seven care homes are under threat of closure with the county council saying it would cost almost £30million pounds to refurbish them.

A consultation that was due to begin on Monday has been postponed, after councillors from all political parties stepped in to formally halt proceedings by securing a reprieve.

The country council said it needs to weigh up whether it should spend money on costly repairs - or move the residents and close it for good. 

The 12 week consultation was to look at the fate of seven care homes in Derbyshire - all of which have been under threat before. 

The council has said this is part of the normal democratic process but many feel it leaves more uncertainty for residents and their families.