Neighbours rescue grandmother after armed gang break into her home

CCTV shows the moment neighbours rescue an elderly women from a masked group of intruders entering her home

Neighbours in the Hodge Hill area of Birmingham came to the rescue of a grandmother after intruders broke into her home.

The 58-year-old was attacked after the masked group jumped into an open window at the property at around 1.30pm on November 18.

The gang who were armed with a crowbar had split up with three of them going into the front room, while one went into the kitchen where the 58-year-old was.

Homeowner, Shahdad Hussain, 59, said they then grabbed his wife and pushed her to the table.

He said: "Suddenly four lads jumped in through the window".

"Three of them went into the front room and one went into the kitchen where my wife was and grabbed her back and pushed her to the table," he added.

The intruders set upon the 58-year-old victim after jumping in through an open window at an address in Hodge Hill Credit: BPM Media

A neighbour opposite, who is related to the targeted household, saw the men breaking in and dialled 999.

The gang then fled the home when they realised they were being watched.

The robbers saw neighbours gathering and three of them leapt back out of the window and got into a van.

Mr Hussain said one of neighbours tried to grab one of the masked men and threw his shoe at them.

He said: "He was running in the middle of the road and a builder tried to grab him but he got away. I thought the gang were looking for jewellery and cash."