'They need to act quickly': Injured 12-year-old calls for safety measures on notorious junction

ITV News Central Reporter Lucy Kapasi speaks to Eva Carpenter who was injured after being hit by a car while walking to school

A 12-year-old girl who was knocked down by a car while on her way to school is calling for a crossing to be built near the notoriously dangerous spot.

Eva Carpenter, was left with a broken collar bone, a fractured foot and swollen lip after the accident in Oldbury on Monday.

She's urging those in charge not to wait until someone is killed before action is taken.

Eva, who is a keen dancer, knows it will be some time before she will be able to perform again.

Eva told ITV Central: "Everywhere else that I walk to school there's traffic lights or it's easy to see but at this junction there are lots of different roads leading into it.

"I'd say to Sandwell council they need to act quickly. What if their children or someone in their family got hurt?"

It will be a while before Eva can dance again Credit: Alex Carpenter

Eva's school, Perryfields Academy, told ITV News Central: "The safety of our students is paramount to the Academy and underpinned by our pastoral care.

"We would welcome any measures taken that would ensure children in the local community have a safe journey to school."

Another mother told ITV Central her son was run over in the same place three years ago and the police were called. Others said the road has been a problem for years.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Sandwell Council said they were saddened to hear of a child being involved in a road accident.

The scene of the accident on Monday morning Credit: Aimee Grimley

They said: "Until this point, records have shown that the junction has had a very good road safety record with no road casualties being recorded in the previous five years.

"Consequently, despite previous requests the limited budgets made available for road safety works have been prioritised to areas where regular road injuries have occurred and would likely continue unless improvements were made."

Conservative councillor Jay Anandou who represents Old Warley said he submitted a petition calling for a crossing at the junction in January but nothing was done.

A new one calling for lights or a crossing this week has had more than 400 signatures.

The council is now liaising with West Midlands Police to establish details of Eva's accident and said tonight it will listen to feedback from residents.

Eva welcomes that news and said by the time she can walk to school again she would like to see changes made.