Lorry driver suffers permanent eye damage after being hit by an egg

Vytautas Kilius fears his eye will never fully recover. Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

A man from Nottinghamshire has been left with permanent damage to his eye after he was hit by an egg that was thrown from a passing car.

Vytautas Kilius left his home to go to the shop on 17 October. When he returned home he was getting his keys out of his pocket when he was hit in the face with the egg.

A piece of the broken shell was removed from his left eye by doctors, but was told his eye muscles were damaged and he might never make a full recovery.

Doctors removed the broken shell but told Vytautas Kilius his left eye may never fully recover. Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

"I now wear sunglasses during the day because all light is sensitive to me" says Mr Kilius.

The 31-year-old, who is a lorry driver, says he's still able to drive but the vision in his left eye will probably never be one hundred percent again.

It happened in Albert Street in Newark, opposite the RSPCA charity shop.

Police believe the egg was thrown by someone from a white van which was heading towards Beaumond Cross.

They are now checking CCTV footage and appealing for anyone with information to get in touch.

Vytautas Kilius was hit with the egg on October 17. Credit: Nottinghamshire Police