Final crossing for long-serving lollipop lady after half a century

A lollipop lady who has helped generations of children safely cross the road on their journeys to and from school has finally hung up her lollipop after more than 50 years.

Ann Conway, who's 82-years-old and from Chelmsley Wood, is Solihull council's longest serving employee.

On her last day on Friday, parents, children and teachers from St Anne's Catholic Primary in Chelmsley Wood were keen to show their appreciation with presents, cards and flowers.

Mrs Conway started as a Lollipop Lady in 1971 when they were employed by the police rather than the council.

The headteacher at the school also praised Mrs Conway for being "so kind and thoughtful".

ITV Central Credit: Ann Conway was cheered by the whole school on her last day

Marie Conway, a headteacher at the school, said: "We've got two Mrs Conways. "I'm Mrs Conway, the headteacher of St Anne's and we've got the wonderful Mrs Conway who is the Lollipop Lady.

"She is just the most delightful lady.

"She's so kind, she's thoughtful, she just loves the families and children and she always has a wonderful word to say about every single one of them."

In 2009 Mrs Conway received an MBE from Prince Charles.

After her final morning patrol, there was another surprise  - when the whole school came out to cheer the woman who has brought cheer into their lives every day, however cold and wet.   

Someone else will be holding the lollipop here now and helping pupils cross the road safely.