Footage shows pensioner kicked to the ground as thugs run into his home in Birmingham robbery

Footage shows the moment a thug kicked a pensioner to the ground as raiders ran into his home in Barnes Hill

A pensioner has been attacked by a group of thugs before they raided his home in Birmingham, doorbell camera footage has revealed.

The victim bravely tried to confront the assailants but was kicked to his chest and he fell to the ground as they entered his home in Barnes Hill, Birmingham.

The intruders - who were believed to have been looking for keys to a car and motorhome parked outside - ran through his garage and stole phones and a packet of cigarettes.

The victim, who would not be identified, was recovering after their ordeal, which happened at around 9pm on Thursday November 25.

The robbery took place just after 9pm on Thursday in Birmingham Credit: BPM Media

Family friend Joseph Carieri said: "They must have pulled up outside his house and seen his car.

"They were breaking the window of his house to try to get the keys for the car and motorhome on his drive I'm guessing.

"He heard a noise and went out through the garage of his house."

The 28-year-old added: "He startled them by the look of the video, and they attacked him.

"They went in the garage area and stole two phones and a packet of cigarettes, the low-lives."

"He wasn't hurt because luckily there was carpet there."

West Midlands Police has been contacted for a comment.