Brothers AJ and Curtis Pritchard swap dancing for the stage in Cinderella pantomime

ITV News Central Reporter Ravneet Nandra speaks with AJ and Curtis Pritchard who are performing at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre for the Christmas pantomime, Cinderella

I caught up with the dancing brothers backstage as they prepare for their first of two shows of the day.

They are raring to go and spoke of the constant excitement they have as they step on stage and perform to schools and families.

The pair from Stoke-on-Trent also told me they were happy to be working near home, even if they get pies thrown in their faces...daily.

Curtis is playing Nandini, the matchmaker, while AJ is the classic Prince Charming.

Curtis says: "It's a nightmare working with this absolute pain. No, it's not too bad. We actually we work quite well together and we do quite well."

It's all in jest.

Curtis is playing Nandini, the matchmaker, while AJ is the classic Prince Charming.

For this pantomime, be prepared to see a lot of flips and tricks in a few dance numbers.

AJ said: "It's really great to be doing so much dance, it's kind of them Saturday night, Strictly Come Dancing opening numbers that everybody loves.

"That's what we put in towards this pantomime. So the opening act is that, yeah, massive. Lots of laughs, lots of singing and lots of passing out for Curtis."

The theatre crew are having to following new government guidance in a bid to halt the spread of Covid, which includes wearing masks when off stage and no photos with fans backstage.

As well as the famous Cinderella and Prince Charming kiss!

'No classic kiss for this fairytale due to covid rules, but the magic is still there'

It's not always plain sailing for the dancers-turn-theatre stars.

They've been forgetting lines but are improvising on the way. Anything for a big cheer from the crowds.

Curtis told me: "I forgot my lines and said 'Guys, I forgot my lines, Has anybody got a script?' and then everybody loves it."

The pantomime will be on at Wolverhampton Grands Theatre until the 9th of January.