Bouncer who was pushed, spat at and racially abused in Birmingham says he forgives attacker

'I'm a big advocate for forgiveness', Tristan Price tells ITV News

A doorman who was racially abused by a woman who he refused entry to at a pub in Birmingham has told ITV News Central he has a "stance of forgiveness" at the attacker.

Tristan Price was working at The Figure of Eight Wetherspoons on Broad Street when 25-year-old Sharna Walker spat at, pushed and shouted racist slurs towards him.

When asked about his feelings towards Walker now Mr Price told ITV News Central: "I'm a big advocate of forgiveness, I've been raised in a Christian home.

"A main thing for me is that I try not to harbour any bad feelings in my heart and I like to let things go when they occur.

"So I've got a stance of forgiveness, I'd say."

However, Mr Price added it was important for people to learn they "can't get away with it".

A video showing Sharna Walker pushing, spitting and racially abusing Tristan Price triggered an angry reaction on social media

This video contains distressing images

He told ITV News Central: "My reasoning behind exposing that this happened is because I've got black nephews and nieces who shouldn't have to grow up and experience the same things."

The 26-year-old added: "Sending out a message that it's not acceptable is very important."

Walker used racist language towards Mr Price at least 10 times during the outburst on May 22, after she was told she couldn't reenter the pub.

Walker, of Woodcross Road, Worcester, was jailed on Monday December 13 for 14 weeks at Birmingham Magistrates' Court.

District Judge John Bristow said: "This truly shocking language has no place in the UK and any right-thinking member of the community would be utterly repelled by it."

Tristan Price told ITV News Central he exposed the abuse to raise awareness

In the lead up to the attack, the prosecutor explained how a group of four women, including Walker, were asked to leave The Figure of Eight by Mr Price at around 9.30pm "for being rowdy".

The court heard how when the bouncer helped one of them look for a lost phone Walker took a sip of her drink and spat it at his back.

She was once again asked to leave but pushed over tables and furniture on the way before pulling the front door so hard it caused the glass to shatter.

When outside the venue, Walker repeated racial slurs at Mr Price and also insulted him and his colleagues with a term offensive to disabled people.

The doorman then stepped back inside the bar but Walker pushed the front door against his shoulder causing him to stumble back and aggravate an Achilles injury.

Walker was banned from Birmingham following her arrest two days after the attack.